Make your workplace personal and joyful!

Working from home? Cool!

Then it's on you to make sure you get to know your colleagues!

The WaterCooler bot helps you make this happen.

The WaterCooler

The WaterCooler is a Slack bot. It pairs up the members of your Slack workspace for quick socials calls. Taking 5 minutes out to talk about something that is not work, is incredibly refreshing!

Logo of socializer Slack bot
The WaterCooler APP 12:00
Hi @linda. Today you have been paired with @paul. Why not take 5 minutes to talk about something not related to work? If you have run out of ideas, you could talk about whether you play any musical instruments?

Users report feeling:

  • more connected to their team and mission
  • less isolated and alone
  • able to confidently reach out to team members for help when they need it
The WaterCooler bot is especially useful when on-boarding new team members. Knowing how their colleagues tick takes the edge off work related conversations.
Portrait photo of Felix Bauer, the founder and CEO of Aircloak
Felix Bauer CEO, Aircloak GmbH


The WaterCooler bot comes at four different price points. They are meant to be affordable for organizations of any size. They are meant to be humane prices for humane teams.


The free version allows you to get started and explore the WaterCooler.

  • Daily socials

  • Up to 5 users

  • Slack channel of choice

  • Custom schedule

  • Custom prompts and talking points


Plus taxes and VAT.

  • Same features as free

  • Up to 50 users

  • For companies with up to 1 million in annual revenues


Plus taxes and VAT.

  • Same features as regular

  • Unlimited users

  • For companies irrespective of their revenues


Plus taxes and VAT.

  • Same features as generous

  • Compliance fulfilment and custom questionnaires