Painting titled By the River by impressionist painter John Singer Sargent
The picture is By the River by John Singer Sargent. There is no specific reason for it being on this page other than that I like it!

About the WaterCooler bot

Hello, and thanks for stopping by and showing interest for the WaterCooler bot.

The WaterCooler bot is a one-man project. It is run as a small side project by me, Sebastian. You can check out my other projects on my DoNoHarm page.

My fulltime job is as an Engineering Manager at Oda. Oda is an e-grocer that aims to give you time back in your life. Time you can spend with your family and friends.

Prior to joining Oda, I was the CTO and co-founder at Aircloak. Aircloak produced software for anonymizing data.

Aircloak was a "remote first"-company from day one (day ~104 if truth be told). I wrote the first incarnation of the WaterCooler bot as an experiment for my own team at Aircloak, but soon realized there was a wider need for something like it when speaking to other founders and distributed teams.

I hope you try it out with your own team or, if you are technically inclined and have free time on your hands, make your own. It has been a great gift to us at Aircloak and I wish something like it can be useful to you too!

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to email me at